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- About -

Our History

We are water experts in the United States.

Sparkle started as a small spring water delivery business for a few neighborhoods when Tom Johnson, the founder, decided to filter spring water firstly for his family, then for family friends. It was just a small family company that delivered to different houses on the street. Things started to grow pretty fast though.
Mr. Jonson bought the professional certified equipment and researched the best places with the cleanest water. Firstly these were just territories in the neighborhood and nearby; later they spread all over the States. Sparkle received an official FDA certification and got a license – that's where things became really serious.

100% Natural Water

The Sparkle water comes from a spring in the the Ouachita Mountains.

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Rich with elements

Sparkle water has a naturally detoxifying pH and rich blend of microelements.

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Award-Winning Water

We have received awards for high-quality water and perfect service.

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Non-Crafted Taste

Sparkle is mineral-rich, pure, healthy, and delicious. We never add anything to it.

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- Why choose us -

Why Sparkle?

A single glass of water can fill you with all the necessary minerals and clean body from chemicals.



Sparkle team has delivered fresh spring water for 12 years now across all the United States.



We transport water in a frozen state and melt it only before transporting it to the client's location.


Proven quality

Our water procurement equipment is certified in accordance with the latest industry standards.

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